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FC Westlake 04B White B

Last Updated: 06/22/15 3:10pm

Practice Schedule

  • Tuesday 5-6:15 at Cedar Creek Elementary
  • Thursday 6:15-7:30 at Cedar Creek Elementary


  • White T-Shirt, Blue Shorts, White Socks


Game Uniform

  • Home - Blue Jersey, Blue Shorts, White Socks
  • Away - White Jersey, White Shorts, White Socks


Game Day Reminders:

  • bring both jerseys, water bottle, ball, shin guards
  • Arrive 1/2 hour before the start of the game



SPRING SCHEDULE 2015   scores


Saturday, March 28 (AWAY)

1pm at Westcreek #6   map     field layout

vs. Lonestars 04B Blue STH


Sunday, March 29 (AWAY)

4pm at T&C #4    map   field layout

vs. T&C 04B USA


Saturday, April 4 (HOME)

10am at Bridgepoint Elementary

vs. FC Westlake Black A (This is against Tyler's other team.  We are the home team for this game)


Saturday, April 11 (HOME)

5:30pm at Bridgepoint Elementary

vs. Lonestars 04B Gold NTH A


Sunday, April 12 (HOME)

3:30pm at Bridgepoint Elementary

vs. Plugerville FC 04B White


Saturday, April 18 (AWAY)

5pm at Heritage Park #1  map

vs. Lonestars 04B White CTX


Sunday, April 19 (HOME)

2pm at Bridgepoint Elementary

vs. Lonestars 04B White CTX


Saturday, April 25 (HOME)

1pm at Bridgepoint Elementary

vs. Tri-County SC Cavalry 04 Black


Saturday, May 9 (AWAY)

8:30am at WCRP 5 North   map

vs. Lonestars 04B Gold NTH A



Tyler Santiago




Team Manager

Tracy Livingston


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Name #  
Ellis 12  
Zachary 3  
Cooper L 6  
Sam 99  
Mac 7  
Dawson 88  
Maverick 8  
Liam 2  
Cooper P. 11  
Eyal 10  
Jake 1  
Aric 4