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FC Westlake 04B Blue A

Last Updated: 01/30/15 11:28am

Spring Schedule 2015

February 7  FC Westlake Start of Season Mini Tournament 2:00-4:00pm

February 10  Practice Resumes, Cedar Creek Elementary 5-6:30pm

February 14-15  Copa Lonestar Tournament in San Antonio

February 21-22  Regular Season Games Begin - Schedule TBD



Game Uniform:

Blue Uniform - white socks (Home)

White Uniform - white socks (Away)



Fall Schedule 2014


September 6

8:30am at Bridge Point Elementary  vs. Pflugerville FC 04B Silver                       W 3-1


September 20

1:00pm at Bridge Point Elementary  vs. MSK Rayados 04B Barcelona Red       W 10-2


September 21

1:00pm at Westcreek 3B  vs. Lonestar 04B White South A                                      W 3-1


September 2

12:30pm at Bridge Point Elementary  vs. Lonestar 04B White North A                 W 4-0


October 4

2:30pm at WCRP 5N  vs. Lonestars 04B Blue Nth B  (AWAY)                                W 15-0


October 5

3:30pm at Bridge Point Elementary  vs. FC Westlake 04B White A                       W 3-1


October 12

2:00pm at Bridge Point Elemtary  vs. Titans FC Austin 04B Anderson                 W 15-0


October 18

1:30pm at Dripping Springs Sports Park #5  vs. DJCT S-04B                                W 3-2


October 26

2:40pm at Wells Point Park #1  vs. Pflugerville FC 04B Silver                               W 2-0


November 1

4:00pm at Wells Point Park #1  vs. Pflugerville FC 04B Blue                                 W 4-2


League Playoffs 

November 15

11:30am at WCRP 4N  vs. Lonestars 04B White SA                                                W 3-1

November 16

12:00pm at WCRP 5N  vs. RC Rangers 04B White                                                  W 2-1


Western Conference Championships 

December 6

9:50am at CAYSA #2 vs. Alamo City Dragons Purple 04                                       W 6-1

1:30pm at CAYSA #2 vs. MSK Rayados 04 Barcelona White                                W 4-1

December 7

12:00pm at CAYSA #4 vs. River City Rangers 04B White                                      W 6-0




Schedules & Scores


2014 Western District Championship

Tournament -  CHAMPIONS


15-0 in Fall League Play


2014 Austin Labor Day Cup U11 Runners Up





Andy McClelland



Team Manager:

Julie Thu







Maps and Field Locations:


Austin Field Locations


CE - Blossom


GVTC Communications Sportsplex


Justin Lane


Old Settlers Park


Slaughter Creek


Town and Country


Williamson County (WCRP)


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