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FC Westlake 00B Blue (Saints)

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Practice Schedule:

Monday         5.45pm - 7.45pm at West Ridge Middle School

Wednesday   5.45pm - 7.45pm at West Ridge Middle School


Practice Uniform:

White Practice Jersey

Blue Shorts

White Socks


Game Uniform:

White Uniform - white socks (Home)

Blue Uniform - white socks (Away)


* Players must ALWAYS bring both Blue and White shorts and jerseys to every match in case of a color clash with opposition.


2015 ~ 2016 Season Aims and Objectives


In May 2015 the Saints won automatic promotion back to D1 level. 







2014 ~ 2015 Season Aims and Objectives


In May 2014 the Saints were relegated from D1 for the first time, after playing four seasons in the top flite.

They were relegated by the narrowest of margins; they needed to finish in the top 8..... but they finished 9th out of 16 teams and were headed down to Super 2. Against Coach Jack's natural inclination they entered the D1 Qualifying Tournament (QT) held in late July.

With many Saints away on vacation they struggled to get 11 players for the one match play off against the Texans who showed up with a full squad of 18 players. They were down to just 10 players for the last 30 mins and eventually they succumbed in the heat to the Texans pressure, losing the match and sealing their fate as a S2 team for the Fall season.

     On the way back from the QT, Coach Jack made an important decison....if the Saints were going to win promotion back to D1 they would do it in regular season play. If they couldn't do it week in, week out in the regular season then they would play another year at S2. They would NOT enter a QT again!  Why?   Coach Jack does not agree with the QT system : as he sees it any team, regardless of where they finished in the regular season, can pay a fee and try their luck at the QT to get into the higher league. Very often a team need only win a single playoff match at the QT to get "promotion". As anyone with a slight knowledge of soccer knows, on any given day a weaker team can beat a better team - that is why Cup runs are so exciting! But they cannot do it on a regular basis and for that reason their league level status should be determined by their performances across the whole season and NOT by winning a single playoff match at the QT. Coach Jack thinks that makes a mockery of league competition. and he decided the Saints would win promotion to D1 fair and square and not "sneak in" thru the back door via a QT.


So.... once that decision was made the D1 promotion plan was unveiled to the Saints squad in pre-season training in August 2014.

To get back to D1 would be a hard slog, week in week out they had to perform at their best. It would not be easy...but nothing worth winning ever is.....      It would be a two - step process:


First step : finish in the top four S2 teams in the State...... to do that they had to get to District Tournament and to get to District they had to finish in the top 2 teams in their bracket



Fall Schedule 2014  SUPER 2 


September 20 @ HCMS 

FC Westlake Saints vs. GW Warcats                                        Won  9 - 0

Saints goalscorers : Gavin Gochnour 3 (in 7 mins!),  

Tadhg McDaid  2,  Owen Holland  2,   Sam Laude

&  Avery Kells


September 27 @ HCMS

FC Westlake Saints   vs.  Alamo Freedom Red                       Won  4 - 1    (* Thru injuries Saints had only 10 players)

Saints goalscorers : Tadhg McDaid  2,  James Helgren,  

Corbin Scherer 


October 4 @ GVTC Complex San Antonio

S.A United Gold  vs. FC Westlake Saints                                  Lost   3 - 1

Saints goalscorer : Avery Kells 


October 11 @ HCMS

FC Westlake Saints vs. Lonestar Red North                             Lost  1 - 0      (* Thru injuries Saints had only 10 players)


October 19 @ Heritage Park, Belton TX

Lonestar CTX  vs. FC Westlake Saints                                      Won  6 - 1

Saints goalscorers : Zach Jones  3,  

Luke Marshall 2,  Darius Moody


October 25 @ Hays Youth Soccer Field, Buda TX

South Austin Republic  vs. FC Westlake Saints                        Won  11 - 0

Saints goalscorers : James Helgren  4,  Tadhg McDaid  3,  

Darius Moody  2,  Gabriel Lozano  &  Josh Kenney


November 1  @ Alamo Sports Complex, San Antonio

Alamo Freedom Red  vs. FC Westlake Saints                           Tied  2 - 2

Saints goalscorers : James Helgren,   Gabriel Lozano 


November 8  @ HCMS

FC Westlake Saints  vs. South Austin Republic                       Won  7 - 0  

Saints goalscorers : Ike Petrik  3,  James Helgren  2,  

Gabriel Lozano  &  Josh Kenney


 At season end the Saints finished 2nd in their bracket!  Congratulations!! They were off to District but now they had to finish in the top 2 to get to State....


At District Championships they went undefeated finishing runners up behind Crossfire. They tied Crossfire 1 - 1 and both teams won one and tied two of their three matches. Crossfire pipped Saints by a single goal better goal difference to be crowned District Championships. Both Saints and Crossfire qualified to go to State where they would have a re-match.....next stop - S2  STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!


So what happened at State? 


They won one, lost one and tied one. They beat Crossfire 4 - 1 and tied the Champions 1 - 1.   A great way to finish the Fall season!!


At the end of the Fall season they had accomplished the first step on the path back to D1 status. They had qualified for the Presidents Cup. (PC) in the Spring 2015.

In the PC there would be 16 teams to compete against and they would need to finish in the top 8 to get back to D1. That would be a tough, tough task but the the team was going to give it everything.....


Presidents Cup Schedule Spring 2015  


March 28 @ NEMP

Ajax White 1   Saints   0                                      LOST


March 29 @ NEMP

SA United Gold 1   Saints   2                               WON          (Ike Petrik, Lucas Revering - Saints goalscorers)


April 11 @ NEMP                                                

Elite Blue 1    Saints 4                                         WON           (James Helgren, Ian Mitre, Lucas Revering, Ike Petrik)


April 12 @ NEMP

Saints  2    Crossfire 1                                         WON          (Tadhg McDaid, James Helgren)


May 2 @ NEMP

Saints  0   Lonestar Red South  0                        TIE              * FYI...this was the only match LRS did not win or even score in... ALL season!


May 3 @ McAllister SA

Warcats  2   Saints   2                                          TIE             (Ian Mitre, James Helgren)



At the end of the season there was a nervous wait to see where we finished. Many games had been postponed because of bad weather and we had to wait for those matches to be played. On May 26th the WDDOA published the list of teams who had gained D1 status. We had finished 7th out of 16 teams and had won automatic promotion back to D1. 

This was an awesome achievement and every player played a part. For an independent team without the resources or pools of talent that the big clubs have to recruit from, for the Saints to get back to D1, winning promotion fair and square thru the league play was something that all the players and coaches can be truly proud of!  Congratulations!!    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.



Schedules & Scores




2015  Austin Labor Day Cup U15  CHAMPIONS! (Silver Group)  Played 4, won 4, scored 16, conceded zero!!!


2015 August SCL - W  U17 friendlies.

Won 5 - 2, Tied 2 - 2. Huge upset results!


2015 Mar ~ May  Win automatic promotion back to D1!!!


December 2014  S2 STATE Championship (2nd best win/loss/tie record!)


December  2014  S2 District Championships Runners Up


November  2014  S2 Bracket A runners up


September 2014 Austin Labor Day Cup U15  (Silver Group)

Runners Up




Head Coach:

Jack Holland



Assistant Coach:

Michael Kenney



Team Manager:

Jack Holland


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Name # Pos
Roshan Chandrashekar 1  
Luke Marshall 3  
Gavin Gochnour 4  
Joshua Kenney 6  
Zach Jones 7  
Owen Holland 8  
Tadhg McDaid (captain) 9  
Darius Moody 10  
Nicolas Ho 12  
Isaac Petrik 14  
Corbin Scherer 15  
James Helgren 16  
Jaykob Corea 19  
Lucas Revering 20  
Gabriel Lozano 23


  Hiram Cerrillo                    32