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FC Westlake 04B Black A

Last Updated: 06/22/15 3:11pm

Practice Schedule

Tuesday     6:15-7:30pm at Cedar Creek Elementary

Thursday    5-6:15pm at Cedar Creek Elementary


Practice Uniform

White practice t-shirt, blue shorts, white socks


Game Uniform

Home games-Blue jersey, blue shorts, white socks

Away games-White jersey, white shorts, white socks


Spring 2015 Schedule


Game 1:  Saturday, February 28*****  LOSS 4-1

     VS. Lonestars 04B Gold NTH A


Game 2:  Saturday, March 7*****  LOSS 1-5

     2:30pm at Bridge Point Elementary

     VS. Town&Country 04B USA


*******No games March 14-15 or March 21-22*****************


Game 3:  Saturday, March 28****GAME CANCELLED AND WIN FORFEITED TO HOME TEAM********************

     2:30pm at Summit Soccer Complex; field #1  http://www.ci.harker-heights.tx.us/index.php/parks-a-facilities/summit-soccer-complex

     VS. Tri-County SC Cavalry 04 Black


Game 4:  Sunday, March 29***** TIE 1-1

     2:00pm at Bridge Point Elementary

     VS. Pflugerville FC 04B White


Game 5:  Saturday, April 4*****LOSS 4-1

     10:00am at Bridge Point Elementary

     We will be playing Tyler's other team-04B White B.  They are the Home team and we will be the Away team.


Game 6:  Saturday, April 11*****WIN 2-0*****

     2:30pm at Westcreek #6  http://www.lonestar-sc.com/maps.php?fid=28

     VS. Lonestars 04B Blue STH


Game 7:  Sunday, April 12*****WIN 4-3*****

     2:00pm at Bridge Point Elementary

     VS. Lonestars 04B White CTX


Game 8:  Sunday, April 19****LOSS 1-6****

     3:30pm at Bridge Point Elementary

     VS. Lonestars 04B Gold NTH A


Game 9:  Saturday, May 9****LOSS 5-0****

     11:30am at Town&Country #22E  http://www.lonestar-sc.com/maps.php?fid=35

     VS. Town&Country 04B USA



Schedules & Scores


Coach:  Tyler Santiago


Mobile/text 210-748-8325

********Interim coach:  Misael Angeles*******



Manager:  Mary Torkelson


Mobile/text 512-762-2331

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Name # Pos
Jonathan Brooks 15  
Jake Harms 42  
Ian McIntire 8  
Rylan Lopez


Gavin Marich 8  
Elijah Martinez 29  
Knox Miller 2  
Amaan Rumi


Charles Sun 10  
John Evan Torkelson 17  
Oliver Tschopp 44